"We want to bring something fresh to our audience."

“ Doodle Mapuls is an illustrator collective based out of Bombay headed by a trio of architects - Yash Shetty, Amal Nair, and Kirthi Pillai. The trio has been working in tandem since their early college days and call themselves ‘Mapuls’ which is synonymous with ‘bantai’ (friend) in South Indian lingo. Hence, the name ‘Doodle Mapuls’ came into existence.

We had a simple motto since day one, i.e., to create a street language which completely resonates with the common man of India. If we look at street cultures around the world, we can clearly distinguish its context from the language of art they represent. India being so rich in culture opens up a whole palette of possibilities to blend and create art which speaks to the masses and creates a language which stands out.

Products - Carpets, Art, Customized products, Merchandise

“ पहले से मौजूद संदर्भों की नए सिरे से कल्पना करना ”